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Are you ready to rev up your passion for riding and take it to the next level? Look no further than the 2023 Beautiful Bikers Conference & Awards – an exhilarating event designed exclusively for women who love the open road!  Presented by INDIAN MOTORCYCLE, POLARIS SLINGSHOT & RUSS BROWN MOTORCYCLE ATTORNEYS, this year’s event will take place November 10 – 12, 2023 at the Courtyard Marriott, in beautiful Downtown Long Beach, CA.  The Beautiful Bikers Conference serves as a destination for women who aspire to ride and women who are seeking new motorsports adventures. Our conference highlights the fearlessness and sisterhood of women who embrace the passion of the biker lifestyle. We honor female motorcycle riders and clubs, in celebration of their triumphs and accomplishments on ground.  For more information,  Contact Porsche Taylor at (310) 733-0508.  Join us for the ride!  Register now at!


The Venue

500 E. 1ST ST.

Meet the Speakers

Sean Rucker

Sean Rucker

Owner - Sportbike Chic

LaShundra (Sean or “Miss.SV”) Rucker is the dynamic owner of SportBike Chic, LLC, a brand she’s nurtured since 2016…

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LaShundra (Sean or “Miss.SV”) Rucker is the dynamic owner of SportBike Chic, LLC, a brand she’s nurtured since 2016. SportBike Chic™ emerged from her frustration with the lack of attention given to women’s motorcycle apparel, especially those with curves.

Alongside her entrepreneurial endeavors, Sean boasts a remarkable 20-year career in the medical field, serving roles ranging from repairing medical equipment to tech support, Operations Manager, and now as a Business Excellence Professional, all have positive impacts on enabling patient care. With a master’s in Network and Communications Management and a bachelor’s in Telecommunications Engineering Technology, she’s a Lean Six Sigma Green Belt and a Certified Practitioner in Structured Problem Solving. Her expertise has led to substantial cost savings through lean practices. Her versatility is underscored by her certification as a Project Manager.

LaShundra’s commitment to the motorcycle community is unwavering. She’s a certified Motorcycle Safety Foundation coach, dedicating two years to training riders at Durham Tech and recently at Johnston Community College in North Carolina. As an avid motorcyclist herself, she’s at home on her Yamaha R1 and FJR.

Her inventive spirit shines through her patented creation, the TankPurse™, a testament to her innovation in the industry. But LaShundra’s mission transcends business success; she’s passionate about inclusivity and advocacy, championing the representation of plus-size and curvy women in motorcycling.

With a decade of motorcycling experience under her belt, LaShundra views riding as an essential part of her life, providing comfort, therapy, freedom, and independence. Her journey led to the sale of her first pair of jeans on in 2017, winner of the Women Rider’s Now #1 Tool and Gadget at AIMExpo in 2019, and recognition with a 2nd place award at the Motorcycle Industry Council Gas Tank Competition in 2020.

LaShundra’s involvement extends beyond her brand; she’s a member of organizations like the Motorcycle Industry Council, NCMDA, and Bikers United to Defend Driving Safely (B.U.D.’S.), reflecting her belief in charity and giving back. She initiated an annual scholarship giveaway within her motorcycle organization, a tradition spanning over a decade.

LaShundra’s greatest accomplishments are measured in miles, solo miles, and her multifaceted roles within her motorcycle organization. She’s not just an entrepreneur but a change catalyst, a firm believer in diversity, representation, and inclusion. Her guiding principles emphasize presence, living life to the fullest, and contributing solutions instead of complaints.

Her words to live by: “Stop asking ‘is it possible’ and start with ‘how is it possible’?” LaShundra’s legacy lies in her commitment to bringing something valuable to the table, ensuring she builds a strong foundation and sleeps soundly at night, knowing she’s making a positive impact on her community and the world at large.

Patrice "Foxy' Johnson

Patrice "Foxy' Johnson

Lifetime Achievement Award Honoree

Patrice “Foxy” Johnson is an icon in the Motorcycle Community, renowned for her unwavering dedication to the culture…

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Patrice Johnson, Infamously known as “Foxy” within the Motorcycle Community, is the General Manager for the MC Professional Convention aka “The PROC” , Founder of the NC ALL Female Ride Committee and NC Ambassador and Rider leader for Black Girls Ride the Movement. She enjoys and has great passion for educating and helping bikers.  She is also an avid female motorcycle activist, serving in various roles within the motorcycle culture. Riding has become a past time and she loves to ride the distance.  She enjoys meeting and greeting fellow bikers on various ground pounding road trips.  She has been riding for decades and committed wholeheartedly.  HONDA will forever be her first love, she is now a Honda/Harley hybrid biker babe. Foxy has years of mentoring youth and young adults to lifelong success.     
When not enjoying the sport of motorcycling, she is a successful IT business executive managing global teams.  In addition, she is a travel entrepreneur teaching others how to build wealth through travel.  Her career yields many great opportunities to travel and meet people from all over the world.  Her background and focus on community outreach and collaboration has led to a number of volunteer opportunities and community leadership roles. She has a tremendous love to help and uplift others.
Although she thoroughly enjoys her career and being an avid female biker; family comes first and she loves spending time with her husband Disel, a fellow biker, her children and grandchildren.
Tiffany Rene

Tiffany Rene

Content Creator

Tiffany’s journey in motorcycling and her dedication to inspiring others to embrace the thrill of riding make her a valuable addition…

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Tiffany Rhone, also known as Tiffany Rene on social media, is a multi-talented individual who wears many hats in her professional life. She’s a Realtor, providing expert guidance in the world of real estate. She’s also a Ct Tech, bringing her skills and knowledge to the healthcare field. However, her true passion shines as a Content Creator on YouTube and Instagram.

Tiffany’s journey in the world of motorcycling has been nothing short of inspiring. With over 11 years of riding experience, she embarked on this thrilling adventure with a Kawasaki ZX-10R. Her love for two-wheeled adventures has only grown stronger over the years, and she now proudly cruises on a 2021 Harley-Davidson Road Glide Special.

Beyond her roles as a Realtor, Ct Tech, and Content Creator, Tiffany is a devoted mother of two beautiful daughters and a loving wife to an amazing husband who shares her passion for motorcycles. Together, they make an incredible team, always ready to explore the open road.

Tiffany’s journey in motorcycling and her dedication to inspiring others to embrace the thrill of riding make her a valuable addition to our Content Creator’s Panel. Get ready to be inspired, informed, and entertained by Tiffany Rene at the Beautiful Bikers Conference. Don’t miss the opportunity to hear her insights and stories! 


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