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Beautiful Bikers Awards | A Celebration of Women Who Love the Ride

Peggy Llewellyn

Lifetime Achievement Award Honoree

We are excited to announce Peggy Llewellyn, as our Beautiful Bikers Lifetime Achievement Honoree.  Professional motorcyclist Peggy Llewellyn, of Mexican and Jamaican descent, became the first woman of color in the world to win a professional motorsports event, winning at the NHRA POWERade Dallas event in 2007, earning her an appearance in the inaugural Countdown to 4 and Countdown to 1, giving her a finish in the POWERade top five in standings where she recorded her post-career-best time and speed. For the season, she finished fourth overall and holding the highest placing for a female in the Pro Stock Motorcycle class.  The eight year professional motorcyclist ran an abbreviated season in 2008 where she advanced to the semifinals in Denver, finishing the season qualifying five of six races. Peggy made history once again in 2010 becoming the first woman of color to own, operate, and race for a professional motorsports team.  Peggy embodies the spirit of a trailblazer, and we are truly honored to add her to our Beautiful Bikers Legacy.

Sunshine Rogers

Ground Pounder Award Honoree

Meet our Ground Pounder Award Honoree, Sunshine Rogers. As a retiree and a new grandmother, Sunshine takes solace in the peace she finds on the open road. She never needed a reason to ride, other than her love of the journey. She has completed two 48 state rides. She is an independent rider, who loves to travel to fellowship with other riders. She is a servant of God, and often encourages others to seek him to guide their path. She has become a treasure among our female rider movement, often asked to inspire others through her life story. Sunshine is steadfast in her faith, and the epitome of a Beautiful Biker. We are proud to celebrate her as our 2018 Ground Pounder Award Honoree.


Women of Klutch N Khrome MC

Sisters In Service Award Honorees
We are excited to announce Women of Klutch N Khrome MC as the honorees for our 2018 Beautiful Bikers Sisters In Service Award, presented to a club who has exhibited excellence in community service.  Founded in 2010 under the Klutch-N-Khrome MC umbrella, the purpose of Women of Klutch-N-Khrome Motorcycle Club is to promote Sisterhood, Structure, Unity, and Respect in the motorcycle community. WKNK MC Chicago, now known as the mother chapter, has 14 active members, and has expanded to include chapters in Milwaukee, Atlanta and Detroit.  The Women of Klutch N Khrome MC love to ride, and actively serve their communities, with weekly summer bike nights, feeding the people of Chicago for free.  We are inspired by their commitment to service and proud to add Women of Klutch N Khrome MC to our Beautiful Bikers Legacy.

Street Angels MC

Beautiful Bikers Club Award Honorees

Building a sisterhood is no easy task. With over a decade of bonding, Street Angels MC has proven that they are heaven sent to the streets of Atlanta.  Founded in 2003, Street Angels Motorcycle Club is a collaboration of professional women riders who are dedicated in their efforts to promote the safety, camaraderie, and patronage of the riding population as well as provide for the community.  Through riding, sisterhood and community service in the Atlanta area, these ladies have proven to embody the spirit of what it means to be a successful sisterhood of women.  We are proud to add Street Angels MC to our Beautiful Bikers legacy.


Erin Sills

Sports Rider of the Year Honoree

We are excited to announce Erin Sills as our Beautiful Bikers Sports Rider of The Year!  As a +20-time World and National landspeed record holder and retired Facebook executive, Erin is very familiar with life in the fast lane.  She’s been named the American Motorcyclist Association Female Athlete of the Year͟ for her motorcycling accomplishments and the American Marketing Association’s Woman to Watch͟ for her business accomplishments.   Erin and her team have set 2 Guinness Book World Records, and she a member of the Bonneville 200 mile-per-hour Club and the El Mirage 200 mile-per-hour Club, with her fastest record to-date of 219.3 mph.  Erin is also an off-road adventure riding coach with RawHyde Adventures, training people how to ride big bikes in the dirt.  In 2014, Erin was named University of Cincinnati, College of Business alumni of the year.  At heart she is an avid sport-touring traveler, having journeyed over 300,000 miles since she began riding at the age of 35.   Erin also advocates for women in the sport of motorcycling and, with her late husband Andy Sills, she founded the sheEmoto Scholarship to support women in the sport.  Erin is truly inspirational in her pursuit of her dreams!  We are proud to add her to our Beautiful Bikers Legacy!

Jenn Brewington

Renaissance Rider of the Year Honoree

We are excited to announce Jenn Brewington as our Renaissance Rider Award Honoree. The Renaissance Rider Award is presented to a woman who has exhibited a passion for riding and through her active riding lifestyle, has motivated women to ride outside of their comfort zone.  As an active mother of two sons, and an executive, Jenn has developed her passion for riding, from sport bikes to cruisers, often traveling to support rider events across the country.  She’s a breath of fresh air and positivity, often lighting the way with a bright smile and hug.  Each year, she hosts the 2 Wheels 2Gether All Female Ride in Jacksonville, FL, and inspires riders to come together in fellowship for the ride.  We are proud to have her join the Beautiful Bikers legacy!

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