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Beautiful Bikers Awards | A Celebration of Women Who Love the Ride
Peggy Llewellyn

DJ “Mama Dee” Jones

Lifetime Achievement Award Honoree

We are excited to announce DJ Jones as the 2019 Beautiful Bikers Lifetime Achievement Honoree! DJ Jones a.k.a. Momma D is a momma who breaks all stereotypes … this 130-pound, six-foot-tall, postmenopausal African-American motivator, loves Country music, rides a motorcycle yet has no tattoos or piercings. Despite the odds, she rode her 800-pound motorcycle ‘Big Bertha’ 169-consecutive days, 25,000-miles through all 50 states solo, surviving, everything from tornadoes to grizzlies in 2006. And in addition to this already in incredible journey, you’ll sit ringside to witness Momma D’s behind closed doors, never-before told horrific back-story of a lifetime of abuse that somehow gave her the strength to persevere. 
The Beautiful Bikers Lifetime Achievement Award is presented to a woman who has spent decades ground pounding, and inspiring other women to ride. Momma D is the essence of what it means to be a Beautiful Biker, and we are proud to add her to our legacy!
Sunshine Rogers

Sisters of S.C.O.T.A. WMC

Beautiful Bikers Club Award Honorees
We are excited to announce Sisters of S.C.O.T.A. WMC as the 2019 Beautiful Bikers Club Honorees! Founded in 1979, Sisters of S.C.O.T.A. WMC was founded on the premise of bringing riders and supporters together to raise funds for organizations that benefit women, children and animals, with regard to health issues. As they celebrate 40 years of sisterhood, we recognize the achievement of these sisters who have paved the way for Women’s Motorcycle Clubs to flourish through bonds built on ground and love for their community. 

The Beautiful Bikers Club Award is presented to a group or club who exhibits Excellent in Sisterhood and has gained mileage on Motorcycle Rides through two or more states in a year. We are proud to add the Sisters of S.C.O.T.A. WMC to our legacy.


Michelle “Squeaky” Roach

Renaissance Rider Award Honoree
We are excited to announce Michelle “Squeaky” Roach as the 2019 Beautiful Bikers Renaissance Rider Honoree!   Riding since she was old enough to be strapped to her Daddy with a belt, Michelle has gained close to 30 years of riding experience. As an accomplished 48 state rider, an international Canadian rider, and recipient of the prestigious Smiley Patch, she currently serves as the Black Girls Ride Ohio Ambassador. In 2018, Michelle has been instrumental in preparing women nationwide for their first ever ride to Essence Fest, traveling across the country to host Rider Prep Workshops.  She then successfully led over 20 women from Ohio to New Orleans, planning the route and providing motivation along the way.  She continues to be a source of information and positivity for all women riders.

The Renaissance Award is presented to a woman who has inspired others through riding and service.  We are proud to add Michelle “Squeaky” Roach to our Beautiful Bikers Legacy.

Tamica “Pied Piper” Wade

Ground Pounder Award Honoree
We are excited to announce Tamica “Pied Piper” Wade as the 2019 Beautiful Bikers Ground Pounder Award Honoree!  Riding for 8 years, Tamica’s passion for motorcycle riding has led her to become the founding member of the Pittsburgh Chapter of Hurricane Biker Girls, MC, with miles in 42 continental states and 4 countries – Mexico, Canada, Jamaica and the Bahamas.  She has completed 4 round trip cross country treks and over a dozen top to bottom rides. She’s earned 5 Iron Butt Association awards – 4 Saddle Sore 1000s and 1 Bun Burner Gold. Tamica loves to ride for charity, and she currently supports 4 charities annually to raise awareness and funds for those causes. She loves to encourage woman and introduce them into our lifestyle by hosting workshops for women riders and leading cross country rides throughout the year.

The Ground Pounder Award is presented to a woman who has achieved 15,000 or more miles in a year.  Tamica “Pied Piper” Wade is more than qualified and we are proud to add her to our Beautiful Bikers Legacy.

Women’s Coalition of Motorcyclists

Sisters In Service Award Honoree
We are excited to announce the Women’s Coalition of Motorcyclists (WCM) as the 2019 Sisters In Service Award Honorees!  The WCM began with a simple objective: to double the number of female riders by 2020, and to increase and support women riders and their advocates.  Promoting dynamic role models and wider riding opportunities serves as catalysts to draw more women into all aspects of motorcycling. The WCM has established motorcycle industry partnerships and built a scholarship fund. The fund supports aspiring female rider coaches and instructors, as well as promising female competitors in all disciplines: on-road, off-road, and on the track.

The Sisters In Service is presented to a group or club who exhibits excellence in sisterhood and community service in a year.  Through their tireless support of female riders, and commitment to establishing representation of women in motorsports, the WCM embodies the spirit of the Sisters In Service Award and we are proud to add them to our legacy!

Mikayla Moore

Sports Rider of the Year
We are excited to announce Mikayla Moore as the 2019 Sports Rider of the Year Award Honoree!

Mikayla Renae Moore was born on November 7, 2003.  She first learned how to ride a dirt bike in 2010 when she was 6 years old.  She started racing mini-motards in 2011 and has raced with the following organizations: Sandy Hook Mini Moto, New Jersey MiniGP and the Herrin Compound.  In 2014, she attended a 3-day MiniGP camp to hone her riding skills.  She has promoted motorcycle riding, racing and safety throughout her community by attending annual motorcycle safety days at Joint Base Andrews performing advanced skills and riding demonstrations.  In 2016, she was presented with an opportunity to develop her riding skills on bigger displacement machines with Evolve GT Track Days in a professional, fun, well-organized and safe atmosphere.  She gained her motorcycle racing license and also started racing in 2017 with MotoGladiator Racing, a motorsports event promoter, offering various racing events to both amateurs and professionals.  She is a member of MotoGirlGT, who caters to getting women riders to the track and making them comfortable by helping them fit into the scheme of things at the track in a fun and learning environment.  In 2018, she raced in Superbike, Superstock and Supersport 250, finishing 2nd place overall in all classes.  She plans on competing with MotoGladiator Racing and Champion Cup Series (CCS) for the 2019 season.

The Sports Rider of the Year Award is presented to a woman who has shown excellence in sport riding, road racing, drag racing, dirt bike racing, flat track racing, or stunting.  As a champion on the rise, we are proud to add Mikayla Moore to our Beautiful Bikers Legacy!

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